Dill Pxls is the solo operation of freelance graphic designer

and illustrator Iva Holovac, based out of Sydney, Australia.

My goal for every design piece is to communicate the root of the message in a concise, efficient and attractive manner.


Design is what a paintbrush is to an artist, or a speech to an activist. It provides a medium to express ideals and portray certain objects as the designer sees them. When I see design that is expressed poorly conceptually and/or visually, I feel the need to change it. Through design I am able to take my ideals and try to make changes where I feel they are needed.


Constant change is the way our society flows. An example of this is seen through the constant improvements and inventions of new technology. This is where design steps in. With the continuous development of products, technology, ideas, etc. design focuses on the needs, wants and limitations of its users in order to communicate the end product in a unique and appealing way.